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metamorphosis archetype offers the instruments for interpreting these changes. Various changes occur in Apollo and Daphne, Venus and Adonis, and Jove and Io which are described broadly in this paper. In Apollo and Daphne, the change of heart about love took place in both Daphne and Apollo. Whereas Apollo desired to be married, Daphne goes away. She calls for assistance from her father who turns her into a tree. She became covered with bark, roots deep into the ground and had sprouted leaves. Another change which took place is when Jove's wife suspected his husband of a love affair with Io, and to avoid being embarrassed, he changed Io into a white heifer. To proof Jove's claims, Juno requested for...

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Metamorphosis Metamorphosis refers to the biological transformation of an organism (like insects) from one stage of life to another. The term also entails complete structural changes in physical appearance. During metamorphosis, insects change in their physical structures and characteristics. Biology also explains that even the behavior changes as organism modify. As a body changes, it increases its ability and structural composition. It encompasses growth and development. It also entails an increase in functions, ability, and physical events. This title definitely referred to Grete and not Gregor because; unlike Grete, Gregor life was more of stagnation. This study explores the life of Gregor and...