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Amir Sufi. "House prices, home equity-based borrowing, and the US household leverage crisis." American Economic Review 101.5 (2011): 2132-56. Mian, Atif, and Amir Sufi. "Household Leverage and the Recession of 2007–09." IMF Economic Review 58.1 (2010): 74-117. Rushe, Dominic. "Five Reasons The US Job Market Is Not As Rosy As It Looks | Dominic Rushe". The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 24 Feb...

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Amir, and Ruth Naylor. The Quantitative Impact of Armed Conflict on Education: Counting the Human and Financial Cost. CfBT Education Trust, 2014. Meierhenrich, Jens. Genocide: A reader. Oxford University Press USA, 2014. Roberts, Adam. "Lives and statistics Are 90% of war victims civilians?." Survival 52.3 (2010): 115-136. Thompson, William E., Joseph V. Hickey, and Mica L. Thompson. Society in focus: An introduction to sociology. Rowman & Littlefield,...

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