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acupuncture and other traditional health practices to be superior compared to modern medical principles. As such, modern medical practices have faced hostility from residents from such jurisdictions. The presence of such disparities has increasingly posed a risk to the globalization of healthcare making it difficult to realize the benefits of a global health structure. Because healthcare practices are varied due to the influence of strong socio-cultural values, the phenomenon of globalization in medicine will always remain affected thereby realizing only meager benefits for the world population. However, even with the numerous concerns that come with the globalization of healthcare, it is worth...



acupuncture, and meditation. The Relationship between the Events Experienced by Chris Evert and Menopause It’s hard to establish the relationship between Chris Evert encounters and menopause since she was a tennis player who frequently exercised. However, this relationship may be increased with the issue psychological and emotional experiences that Evert underwent through. First, she has had three failed marriages to the extent of returning to Andy Mill, her second husband. The aspect that she was a tennis player could also have compelled to spend a lot of time in training while failing to balance between sports and family life. The three divorces must have also affected her mentally and...

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Acupuncture and Ayurveda treatment alternatives. Comparison The responses from the interview are in agreement with existing literature on the Asian Indian culture (The DC, 2016). For instance, from both literature and the interview, Indians practice yoga for mental and physical health improvement. They believe that spiritual intervention is important in controlling evil spirits that cause diseases (The EuroMed Info, 2016). Also, they consult different goddesses in the temple for healing. Based on the literature, the Indians have non-western medicine such as Acupuncture that is used as an alternative to medical treatment. They use foods such as garlic, chili pepper and cinnamon for treatment...