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abortion debate revives again between religion and justice in the country. Recovered from https: // www.the...

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debate on the other hand is not a legal one, but an issue of ethics. Proponents argue on the basis that the sacredness of life does not allow anyone to take it, even the owner of life (Bayertz 16). A quandary exists when the autonomy of the patients in incongruous with this sanctity, like in euthanasia. Though the law supports the principle of autonomy, some factions believe life should be allowed to run its course. Abortion presents a case where patient choices override the sanctity of life, since it is a legal procedure in the United States. As aforementioned, the sanctity of life as a principle is more of an ethical and religious standpoint rather than a legal question. Insofar, then, one can...



abortion debate. Feminists think that childbearing has restricted women to the homes preventing them from advancing in education and in their careers. The legalization of abortion would easily reverse this unfortunate reality for women. A lot of women have had to (temporarily or permanently) drop out of school due to unplanned pregnancies even despite using contraception. It is increasingly becoming a popular view that denying women the right to abort and choose when to keep a pregnancy is a great violation of their basic rights and liberty as human beings. Further, physical integrity, which is a right for every individual, is greatly violated by the hard lined stand on the prohibition of abortion....