Church Intervention In Abortion In Ecuador

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Church intervention in abortion in Ecuador

Abortion is currently one of the most discussed issues worldwide, we have the church on one side and the other are people who want them to be decriminalized. This issue covers many aspects such as morality, religion, laws, health and the right to life, in the current time this law is illegal in Ecuador, but it can be practiced in the event that the personI know in a meeting in danger, or if the person in a state of gestation has been sexually attacked and it has physical or mental problems (article 149 and 150).

Regulations governing Ecuador

  • Article.-149 The woman who causes her abortion or allows another to cause it will be sanctioned with a private sentence of six months to two years.
  • Article.-150 establishes two exceptions for the above: if it has been practiced to avoid a danger to the life or health of the pregnant woman;And if the pregnancy was for a violation of a disabled mental woman.

In Ecuador, the Church is in opposition to the decriminalization of abortion because this goes against the principles of morals, we laity are in favor of life because a creature is always a blessing of God and the life of aBeing human I could not compare it with anything and the mere fact of our existence is a reason for happiness and because not giving those creatures a chance that were not blamed for their parents’ mistakes.

The Catholic religion is taking to the streets to defend life, and this makes the assembly members be pressed by both social groups that have ideological differences and some of these authorities refrain from voting for fear of society and because they do not have an ideologyown, and society believes that they are not sufficiently prepared to make important decisions for the country.

While on the other side we have a liberal group that think that we can play with life and be able to decide on the life or death of an innocent creature to the point that to a life that is being formed they call it a lot of cellsor blood, but if we analyze biology, cells are the fundamental basis of the life of every living being on earth;This group is characterized by having an open ideology but without analyzing the moral or meaning of each person’s life.

These two groups have very different points of view based on different concepts, but the decisions made by the assembly members do not satisfy either side because if they leave in favor, the opposite side will begin to say that this side intervened in the decisions of the decisions of theAssemblyman, but if they leave against the other side, the same will be said;And this is why people think that the Church is intervening in the decisions of the State.

The country believes that because the archbishop is pronounced in favor of the penalty of abortion, this is calling the attention of the National Assembly of Ecuador, but in which social group the representative does not speak to give their point of view although the other groups do notIt seems its ideology, what the archbishop treats is to give its arguments about its position and that of the Church.

I also have in mind that in ancient times the Church had great power and always intervened in the important decisions of the State and even society had to provide offerings to this institution and this abuse Church of the whole society with methods of torture in the Holy Inquisition,that punished the heretics of that time which did not have that ideology and they punished him although Jesus left the message that must be tolerate the other ideologies or concepts that other people have and in the same way I remember about the numerous cases of pedophile parents inCountries like Chile, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, Italy, among other countries;But people do not have to analyze where the message comes from, but they must reason about what is the objective of the message that in this case is to save innocent creatures that have no error and that the greatest gift they can give them is the fact is the factto live.

A very clear example is the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest scorer of the UEFA Champions League with 128 goals, winner of 5 golden balls and 2 awards ‘The Best’;to which her mother when she learned that she was pregnant was going to abort him because her father rejected him, but she made the decision to have him alone and now is the greatest blessing that could be given. Just imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother would have aborted and had not given him the opportunity to live what would have happened in the world of football, but she made a decision and it was the best now her son is one of the best soccer playersfrom the world, a great cultured person and the greatest adoration of his mother. This example is a clear case of what the murder of a child can cause and not give him the opportunity to receive love from his parents, the opportunity to dream, to have illusions, to love and everything that entails the action of living, althoughSometimes there are sufferings or problems simple living is the most great thing that can be given to a person.

In conclusion, life is the greatest blessing that a person can have and the fact of living is unique, and although people kill a cell, they are killing a life that could have had a very important objective in this life and the simpleMade of killing him makes you a murderer.

In the same way all people are intervening in the decisions of the State because we are a free and democratic country in which we can give our point of view without reason for repression.

The institution that issues the message is not relevant, the really essential is the function of this for society and its way of thinking.


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