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A Worn Path


A worn path Introduction We park the vehicle in the parking lot of the recreational area and enter the picnic. We climb the hill by raffling the fountain, the tables, the children's space and the sculpture of one of the most representative animals of the pool, the Iberian pig. After touring about 600 m we reach a properly signposted roads, we will turn left following the crossing of the Sierra de France in the direction of Monforte de la Sierra. The road is wide and allows us to enjoy the leafy holm oak forest and one of the mentioned works of art. Developing When we carry approximately 1.5 km of travel We must cross the road that goes to Soto Serrano. Now the landscape changes and the holm oak....

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A worn path to the truth Introduction Why do we care so much if we never know, if we never know what is dead? Our relationship with death is irremediably limited by literature: we die within fiction traps. Religions, heirs of fantastic literature, have only strengthened this tradition, since they tell us how we should die, for what purpose and where should we go. There are problems thinking about death. People do not understand that there is no life but death and, even more, that it is something natural. They panic when they speak or know about death, but it depends on how each person drinks depending on what he has lived or the situation he is happening. Death occurs around us, we spend more...