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Othello) is a theatrical work of William Shakespeare written around 1603. The first representation of which you have news was held on November 1, 1604 at the London Whitehall Palace. Otelo is a tragedy. Otelo's structure is divided into five acts divided into scenes: in the first act there are three scenes, in the second act it also has three scenes, the third act has four scenes, act four has three scenes and finally the act five that has the last two scenes of this work. The main character is in spite of his Mora ethnicity. This was unusual in English literature in the time of Shakespeare, which presented the Moors and other peoples as villains. In this work Shakespeare avoids any discussion...

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Othello The Shakespeare’s play “Othello,” is driven by trust. There is an intense relationship among Othello, Cassio, and Lago. Othello has a sturdy relationship to Lago and therefore he believes that whatever Lago says is gospel truth. To Othello, Cassio is just a good young soldier. However, as the play develops, Othello is fed with untrue information concerning Cassio and consequently begins to loathe him. Surprisingly Othello is not aware that Lago hates him. Lago thinks that Cassio is unqualified and therefore he doesn’t deserve a promotion given to him by Othello. Lago believes that he is the best for the promotion and this makes him jealous of Cassio. Trusting Lago, Cassio finds...