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immigrants. This will present an obstacle for some immigrant women who do not possess any document such as a driver’s license or passport even for those over 17 years old. Also, the fact that the court directed the FDA to do away with all age limits regarding the use of the contraceptive removes any fears that the contraceptive is harmful. To sum it up, I concur with those who say that girls below 17 should be permitted to access the contraceptive over the counter. However, the issue calls for more research because those who oppose this move say that the morning pill may pose adverse health implications to teenagers if wrongly used. On the other hand, proponents believe the pill is safe, and no...

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immigrant in the US. During his campaigns, Donald Trump suggested that US borders be shutdown to Muslim immigrants. He echoed these statements after the attack on San Bernardino. He said there was such disdain among Muslims around the globe towards Americans that it was important to repel them as a group until the issue was better caught on. Banning Muslims in the US is a contradiction with Obama’s remark that people should not turn against each other and the war against terrorism should not be defined as a war between Islam and America. During the presidential campaigns, I looked as he and his supporters guaranteed that all Muslims either know fear mongers or ought to be banned from moving into...

immigrant populations settling in the district. The second issue is students having to repeat classes and some cases grade levels. The statistics for this are as high as ten percent with a two percent increase over the last two years. This predicts a twenty-four percent rise in special education participation by 2030. The increase in elementary failure rates causes a spillover effect in the high schools. At this rate, students will take longer than four years to complete high school. Congestion like this will deteriorate the educational quality rates. The lower test scores for math, ELA, and Common Core testing already prove this. Overcrowding presents a cascading problem of failures to learn the...

immigrant children is, unlawful because it denies the humanity of these children by excluding them to one of the fundamental rights. Introduction Definition of children (UN definition) and the reason for the vitality of education at this stage. Definition of Fundamental rights. Thesis History of rights to education Global rise of children rights Rise of rights to education policies in the US Landmark legal case: Plyler v. Doe Brief review of the case Analysis of relevance of the case Discussion Discuss of relevance of information to the current scenario Conclusion: The recent presidential directive is unconstitutional, unjust and should be overturned. Supporting Sources "CERTAIN NAMED...