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figurative language used in pieces of literature with the same effect as personification. However, in an apostrophe, the writer addresses the object as if it were present. The speaker in ‘When We Two Parted’ is addressing a lover who brought shame to him because she cheated on him even though he still loved her. Question 2 The metaphor used in ‘Childe Harolde’s Pilgrimage’ is “Of youthful sports was on thy breast to be.” This metaphor suggests that the ocean natured the speaker just as the breast of a woman feeds and natures a child as it plays with it. The ocean natured the speaker’s character as played with it. Question 3 In ‘She Walks In Beauty,’ the speaker uses...

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figurative language so as to manifest a real nature of the Duke. Browning also captures literary elements so as to boost woman representation. At the onset of the poem, the Duke admires a well-painted portrait of his wife as he says, “That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall” (Browning & Imtiaz, 1). However, his behavior escalated and was responsible for the death of his Duchess. This is evident as the Duke says, "Much the same smile? This grew; I gave commands...” (Browning & Imtiaz, 1). Browning explores irony as a theme throughout his poem. For instance, Browning, a remarkably amoral man, shows a lovely sense of beauty and close engagement with the listener. This essay is based...

figurative language such as similes. In the third stanza, through the words, “It lay unmentioned—as the Sea” (9), she creates a relationship between the persona’s actions and the sea. The latter, being representative of the former, depicts the existence of unworthiness in society. Individuals do not realize the struggles that women undergo in pleasing their male counterparts. Moreover, the use of a capital “H” in referring to the male pronoun delineates the superior nature of patriarchy in Dickinson’s poem. Pronouns such as “He” and “Himself” are often used to describe God, The Supreme Being. Through Dickinson’s poem, females experience a heightened case of an inferiority...