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Writing a paper about Confucianism is a challenge for students. You require not only free time and talent. This topic is very serious and wide. You must be keen on the basic principles of Confucianism and understand the role of religion in general.
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This Confucianism essay is dedicated to the history of appearance and basic ideas of this religion. The introduction starts with the life of a Chinese real person Kung Fu Tzu, mostly famous as Confucius for the world. The main body concerns the reasons for this religion to be so popular among people. In the end, you may think about the future of Confucianism and its importance for modern people.

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Confucianism that was trained in the schools and tried in the royal public service examination. These ideals are distinct for the worldly prominence on public and society management and the extensive diffusion through Chinese society. Confucianism, not ever a religion in any recognized sense, is mainly concerned with societal order. Social accord is to get realized in the state, whose proprietors consciously choose the proper act and policies to teach both the subject masses and rulers (Teiser, 2015). Confucianism developed and originated as the philosophy of professional proprietors and sustained to bear the influence of its ancestries. The modern Chinese religion is actually being reinvigorated....



Confucianism and Taoism. It sheds light on the hidden secrets in the puzzling modes of thoughts of Lao-Tse and his pupils. Consequently, it views the Confucian traditions which are accepted with further examination or questioning. I Ching explores the profound truth of every day's life. The book is based on the philosophy of life how people forms questions in their minds and generate a hexagram by tossing the coin. The six-sided message from the hexagon represents the advice of sage (Ma, Wenli & Tingting, 14). Firstly, the idea of philosophy revolves around the two books, but each describes the aspect differently. I Ching focuses on the concept of change which is seen as eternal and universal...

Confucianism as a religion which had already shaped their values and concepts. When religion gets practice in a different setting, there is bound to be differences emanating from the background culture of the new area. There ought to be alterations in some of the phenomenological aspects as there is an intermingling of the basics of the religion with the already existing different culture. “Despite the embrace of Buddhism, there is the appearance of much difference in the values which make the Chinese Buddhists have reservations towards some of the symbols.” Confucianism had created instilled in the Chinese the spirit of community as opposed to individualism which gets advocation in the...