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articles. WORK: "Go back tomorrow". José Zorrilla: He is a Spanish poet who carried out various styles of poetry: epic, lyrical and dramatic. Works: "Don Juan Tenorio", "El Zapatero and El Rey". Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Perhaps the writer of Spanish and recognized Spanish romanticism, although some already classify him within post -romanticism. His talent was recognized after his death. Works: "Rhymes and legends", "Letters from my cell". Rosalía de Castro: Galician novelist and poet born in "Santiago de Compost", "Follas Novas", "On the banks of the SAR". Romantic painting in Spain: With the rise of the...

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two aspects of his life that sees them with nostalgia and with little probability of seeing them again to theTo say that "he is screwed" but that at the same time he feels that he has "urgency to hear you" and "desire to find". conclusion He referred to nostalgia and hopelessness, feelings that until this point did not appear in Benedetti's poetry, as in his most recognized work "office poems" with which we can establish a comparative link between these two stages of Benedetti's life, a recounts the problems and experiences of the office worker such as "Monday" poem in which after the weekend you can see how difficult the routine of every day, which...

Articles ‘A nearly invincible oil spill threatens some Asia’s richest fisheries.’ By Steven Lee Myers and Javier C. Hernandez Feb. 12, 2018 Research Questions • What might have caused the phenomenon? • Who is at risk of the oil spillage? • Has this happened before on the history of fishing in the affected places? • How important are the areas at risk of being affected by oil spillage? • What will exactly happen if this situation prolongs? • What needs to be done to avoid this havoc? Coding Petroleum has contaminated the Asian, Chinese and Japanese significant fishing grounds. It is a phenomenon that draws the attention of the whole world because it...

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