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Holocaust. The author bases his story on the interviews he had with his father about the world war and the mistreatment of the Jews BY Germans. The plot is based on real-life events that have been recorded in the history of all countries as the facts are known worldwide. However, the high Gatsby is plot mainly based on fictional thoughts of the author and events are created are fictional (Spiegelman, 2009). The plot of The Great Gatsby is about a love triangle between Nick, Jay, and Daisy. The story is based on a fictional town known as West Egg. The events in this book are not widely known as they mostly happened to individual people. As much as both are comic books, their plots differ. For...

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holocaust in the quest of advancing their security and also preventing their ethnicity from extinction. Simultaneously, the Germans reactions to Jewish cannot be seen as evil in the worldview. For instance, the Pearl Harbor attack advanced by the Japanese caused the Americans to round up all people of Japanese ancestry in concentration camps immediately after the attack (Weber, 4). The American government termed the exercises as a national security measure. On the other hand, the Germans rounding up the Jews was not instantly instead it was rather hesitantly and slow. It was until the soviet-Germany battle that the Jews were rounded up and the Holocaust actually began. Therefore, in German’s...

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