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research by coming up with numerical data that will help me make an informed decision based on the sample results collected from the population (Brannen, 2015). The process of conducting my research will involve interacting with different people in different workplaces after which I will make an informed decision by applying the quantitative skills to the sampled data from the field. Data Collection Collecting of the data will utilize the qualitative procedures. In my research, I will make use of the following processes while noting the number of men versus women in all the areas studied. Direct observation. I will apply this method to studying people of different genders in different workplaces...

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research strategies to understand and come up with meaningful conclusions from the human behavior CITATION Ted01 l 1033 (Teddlie, 2001). The available survey research has led to the extensive use and application of quantitative techniques across all study models. These models help to collect and examine data in order to come up with strategies and more appropriate business models in terms of customer satisfaction and the success rate CITATION Con10 l 1033 (Converse, 2010). When well-implemented survey research is very essential to the market researchers, and it is worth noting that cost-effectiveness of the survey research gives it a competitive advantage over other research techniques. For...

research (Neuman, 32). Quantitative research involves collecting data then making deductions while qualitative study explores the reason behind an action to come up with a conclusion. In my view, the best research method for mobile manufacturing incorporation is a combination of both. Although quantitative research may be costly, it uses numbers and chart which means its accuracy is high. However, it does not give the reasoning behind the outcome. On the other hand, qualitative market research explains the reasons behind the numbers we in quantitative analysis (Neuman, 36). On top of this, other factors need to be looked at when using any method of research. These include cost implications and the...