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Aztec Empire


Inca empire were both great empires that existed in the 16th centuries but were conquered by Spain. The Aztec empire was an alliance between three city-states which ruled in the valley of Mexico and its surroundings (The Aztecs: The End of the Aztec Empire n.p). The Inca Empire began from Cusco present-day Peru and expanded by assimilating the neighbors either peacefully or through conquest (The Fall of the Inca Empire n.p). The Aztec empire had an indirect means of ruling. They had a system of tributes which they used for a ruling as opposed to a unitary form of government like that used by the Inca Empire. Unlike the Aztec, the Inca Empire lacked several features that were associated with...

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Incas include the centralized leadership whereby there is the organization of the political alignment. There is also engagement in economic activities such as trade and farming. The differences are immense in the execution of the leadership. The Aztecs have a dictatorship kind of leadership whereby; the ruler gives orders which ought to get obedience without questioning. On the Incas side, there is the participation of the ordinary people in the legislation of laws and there is no the high level of autocracy. The Aztec society engages in slave trade when a person does wrong. The Incas participate in helping the poor and needy in the society. For instance, the food surpluses get handing over to the...