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Christianity originated from Jewish tradition while Islam established from both Judaism and Christianity. Abraham is regarded as the first Jew to make a covenant with Almighty God. Since Christianity, Judaism, and Islam recognize Abraham as the first prophet, they are known as Abrahamic religions. Thus, the three religions have various common traditions and beliefs. They all own up Abraham as the founding father. Jerusalem is a historic center for followers of the three religions. Muslims consider the “Dome of the Rock” as holy and do worship it as the location where Muhammad rose into heaven to get revelations from God. Jews contemplate Jerusalem as an ancestral and spiritual homeland. The...

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Christianity, he is bent on ensuring that the faith spreads as fast as it can. The book slowly maps out the situation that made the Prophet a divine being. The miracles, for instance, the incidence where a cow knelt before him or a dove flew to his ear and gave him a message from Allah are used as pointers to his miracle working ability. The book particularly uses the conquests to show the important role that the prophet played in the Arab world and which contributed to his ultimate idealization by the Islam faithful. Nevertheless, it is categorical that the prophet role and position were only that of a normal but heroic human in the course of the income and the idealization only came after his...