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community policing aimed at fixing an economy for the coming generation. People’s lives greatly depend on the policies arrived at by a country. The writer says growth in the global economy determines a life of a citizen of a country (Matt, p1). Yes, indeed if there is no proper policing and funding of programs the people will never enjoy a sense of ownership. I am of an idea that education is one of the investment areas where governments can better. This is for the well being of the coming generation and a solution for inequities and inequalities facing people of the day. Works cited Matt Yglesias, “A Great Time to Be Alive”...

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community policing refers to an attitude that concentrates on how the community and the police relate to better the community by solving and addressing the challenges of the residence. To make it more efficient, it is advisable that programs are prepared to give incentives to those residents who report unlawful practices to the police to enhance their operation. Essay 4.2 In the Field Trip, an excellent example of racial profiling is when the white police stopped and searched black drivers compared to other road users. Strict rules should be enacted to prevent racial profiling where those involved lose their jobs. Short essay 5.1 plea bargaining Advantages During the process of...

community policing in which law enforcers participate in public activities that are not duty-related to help build confidence. Lastly, embracing diversity at the workplace such that workers represent their region would contribute to improving the relations. Although these methods have the potential to help alleviate these correlations, incorporating them together and other plans can produce even better results. Works Cited National Institute of Justice. “Race, Trust and Police Legitimacy.” Office of Justice Programs. 2016. Retrieved from, Carl. Encyclopedia of the World’s Minorities. Routledge, NY. Weitzer,...