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Care Alliance Scotland (2016) demonstrates that 40% of government expenditure is directed towards intermediations that can be averted by selecting a precautionary method. Therefore, a large part of financing is in the management of immediate social and health issues instead of early intervention and prevention. An Asset-Based Approach in Relation to Scotland’s Problem Asset-based approaches present real prospects of minimizing health inequalities in Scotland. This is because asset-based approaches consolidate and support the capabilities Scots have that assist in safeguarding them from poor welfare and bolstering the advancement and continuance of wellbeing and quality life (McLean, 2011)....

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care from other practitioners. Secondly, it may contribute to the prescription of the wrong dosage. This is because the noise from the radio causes a distraction that may influence Dr. Baldwin to commit an error in the prescription of the dosage. Additionally, the patients themselves will confuse their dosage and personal care guideline. This is because they did understand the doctor well. Finally, the negative attitude exhibited by the doctor can influence the patients to complain or react aggressively towards the doctor as they try to seek professionalism and concern from the doctor. c. There are many strategies for facilitating effective communication around us. For instance, Dr. Baldwin can...

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care that puts all the effects in their right place hence creating harmony within the facility. The receptionists in the installation also form the standard healthcare center. References BIBLIOGRAPHY (2016, November). Medical Receptionist Job Description. Retrieved from Best-Job-Interview: Newtownhamilton Health Centre. (2016, November 10). Newtownhamilton Health Centre. Retrieved from Newtownhamilton Health Centre: Team. (2015, October 1). Medical Receptionist Skills for Resume: 15 Qualities to Succeed on the Job. Retrieved from Job Descriptions:...