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teens (Brunoni, André, and Vanderhasselt 7). After a night of sleep, the cerebellum which is one of the motor centers in the brain controlling speed and accuracy seems to be more active. When one sleeps, the brain moves the memory to more efficient storage making it easy to recall quickly and accurately. Sleep also reduces stress giving the brain space to hold more. Exercising: Aerobic exercise improves the pumping of the heart and the sweat glands boosting the size hippocampus which is involved in learning and verbal memory. Exercise results in the release of the growth factors in the cerebral area affecting the growth of brain cells and blood vessels. The survival rate of new brain cells is...

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Teens. The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy. Hauser, D., (2004). Five Years of Abstinence only until marriage Education: Assessing the impact. Huffstutter, P., (2007). States refraining from abstinence-only sex education, Los Angeles Times. Kathrin, F., (2011). Abstinence-only Education and teen pregnancy rates: why we need comprehensive sex education in the US. Landry, D., (2000) Sexuality Education in Fifth and Sixth Grades in US Public Schools: Family Planning Perspectives. Meredith, P., (2016) Sex Education: Political Issues in Britain and Europe....

Self control


teens, it is an essential tool in their studies as well as in their profession in the future. Well, in short, a person who controls their anger and manages their self-control has a better chance of becoming successful in life, this is because they can make critical life decisions when called upon and are ever vigilant not to make anger mess things up for them. Teen years are critical to the growth and development of any person. It is here that critical behaviors are born or nurtured, hence inculcating the right altitude in any child is hence quite essential. Therefore, enhancing the need for self-control should be emphasized a lot during teen years, and close monitoring is undertaken as well....

and fantasy. Such conditions affect one's social life as they may find difficulties in social adaptation. The models simulated in video games offer simplified and conditioned environments, friendships and rivalries that do not exist in real life. These experiences affect the player’s interaction capabilities in real life (Hughes, N.pag). As a form of entertainment, video games are not appropriate for the young children and teenagers. This evaluation is based on various adverse effects on the children and adolescents who consistently play such games. The video games affect the physical health of the individuals with steady play causing loss of eyesight and obesity. Children acquire aggressive...