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sports training in children is to captivate their attention. Being minor ages, infants are usually a bit more scattered than adults. However, through game and constant supervision you can make taekwondo an excellent sport for children. In addition, increase the possibility of obtaining all physical benefits for each of them. Remember that the child must choose what motivates him, therefore, you must make this sport attractive to...

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sports must achieve specific academic grades to be eligible for participation in co-curriculum activities. Playing as a team instills a sense of leadership on players enhancing their ability to understand one another and accord each other support on and off the field. Participating in sports also allows learners to exercise physically thereby reducing the chances of acquiring lifestyle diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure at a very young age. Furthermore, sporting activities in higher learning institutions give the students exposure while traveling to other places to play matches. The exposure lays out an opportunity for such students to meet new people, interact with them thereby...