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coastal erosion and reduced biodiversity. Unlike most of the other dams that I have explored, the Sobradinho dam had more positive impacts for the country. After the construction of the Sobradinho dam, for example, the infant mortality rate in the Northeast of Brazil improved significantly. Also, economically, it allowed multiple water use through irrigation and navigation that causes economic benefits for the indigenous population. In the long term, it has reduced the number of floods in the region and has prevented many droughts.  Finally, in the state of ‘Rôndonia’, there is a hydroelectric dam called the Jirau dam. In my research I found evidence of many similar problems here such as...

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Coastal erosion can be controlled by both natural means as well as artificial means. Either way, both ways require the cooperation of the locals to ensure that an appropriate result is achieved. Planting enough seaweed could be the first option, as this will attract life that will subsequently lower the rate of erosion. Moreover, use of wind barriers, installing breakers and frequently nourishing the beach could also serve as a way of preserving the homes along the shores much longer. The erosion management costs should then be covered by the government through the tax funds as the coasts are a great contributor to the economy of the state, and it is their role to safeguard the homes of their...

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