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classroom behavior is essential as it enables students’ positive discipline which impacts the overall academic performance. The author report that many teachers do not understand how to develop quality skills that would induce improvement of student goals (Graham & Prigmore, 2009). To be effective teachers, one must connect with learners on a human level, accept people regardless of what they do and set limits to communicate high expectations. In other words, a good relationship must get established as a keystone to well-run classrooms. The authors omitted to describe measures or tactics that would result in better classroom management. Well, we can understand that only less disciplinary...

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classroom behavior is enhanced. This is a result of the positive attitude instilled in the children and the self-esteem boost experienced when there is harmony between them, the educators, and their parents. Children need their parents to show concern from the time they are in preschool to the time they complete high school. Income or Social status cannot determine a child’s success because with training parents whose children are disadvantaged in any way get encouraged and become involved. Teachers also benefit fparents to volunteer rom this kind of relationship as they are motivated, and they can understand their students better despite their race, disability, or social status. Knowing the...

Classroom Behavior and Academic Performance Among Students in Dundee School. Education is a tool used to inculcate proper attitudes and values for mental, economic, and social development. Education is not only what is acquired from school but also encompasses the learning that takes place in a child’s life right from the moment they are born. Teaching forms a single element of education while learning forms the other (Jaffee & Gallop, 2010). In the school setting, academic performance and the behavior of the student in the classroom are some of the primary indicators of the student’s success. Factors such as child abuse and neglect have largely upset the educational process of the students...