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choreography of The Hague Humas, this dance tributes to the inti (god of the sun), the dancers have a particular clothing that consists of the following way: their mask consists of 7 chubs that represents one dayof the week and double face that represents the day and night. They also wear a black embroidered black shirt and with them wearing a zamarro so this garRibbon and a peacock pen, also hand embroidered blouses and wearing an accordion and espadricing skirt in the video, it can be seen that they perform a very traditional choreography to culture with an essential dance that demonstrates gratitude to the sunand to its crops.  These cultures are very important that go from generation to...

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choreography. The Belly-Up Tavern is quite eclectic and designed for first come first serve seating arrangements with a casual dress code. The music stage is host to all versions of music and features a plethora of genres that encompasses both old and new bands. The audience boasted all generations of concert attendees. Each dressed in that casual era of early rock musicians. The younger attendees sported tattoos and incredible body piercings, with hair is all colors of the rainbow. The ones I could see in the low lighting were the typical baggy, saggy shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts displaying Fleetwood pictures. The older generation also sported the same attire and body art, and a lot of silver...

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