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Chinese philosophy which is explained in 81 short poems. It is based on Taoism, ancient Chinese philosophical and religious tradition which explains talks about the way and how it is manifested in the world (Hinton, 8). According to the book, the way" Tao," is unified, indescribable and eternal. On the other hand, I Ching talks of the two branches of Chinese philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism. It sheds light on the hidden secrets in the puzzling modes of thoughts of Lao-Tse and his pupils. Consequently, it views the Confucian traditions which are accepted with further examination or questioning. I Ching explores the profound truth of every day's life. The book is based on the philosophy of life...

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Chinese Philosophy: David Wong and His Critics. New York: SUNY Press, 2014. Xiao and Huang developed a perspective of Moral Relativism with the views proposed by moral realists. They state that situations in life are a matter of moral framework. The general truths that people believe nowadays are as a result of opinion the majority. The right decision is that which many people support while the wrong one comes from the minority. Therefore, moral relativism is better explanation of morality that objective truth. In fact, ideas from moral relativism develop into objective truth with time. Lukes, Steven. Moral Relativism. London: Profile Books, 2011. Lukes creates a book which provides support and...