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Chinese Economy” and my postgraduate course “Advanced Topics in Development Microeconomics.” He performed most excellently in these two classes. Now, Zhu is my co-author in my four types of research, among which two papers are complete, and the other two are in the process of completion. When auditing in my course, he always contacted me and discussed some research problems that he had with me. Therefore, I encouraged him to take part in the regular seminars that I organized and to conduct some preliminary research work like raw data collection and management. In this process, I was very impressed by his active and outstanding performance. Therefore, I allowed him to become my research...

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Chinese Economy before the 19th Century China was among the world’s most powerful and advanced country thousands of years before the onset of the modern era. In fact, Petras (2016) points out that the state performed way better than Europe and produced over 125, 000 tons of steel while Europe did only 76,000 tons. Additionally, Petras (2016) declares that China ranked top in technical innovations the production on textiles about seven hundred years before Britain started its textile revolution in the 18th century. Lin (2012) concurs that China dominated the world’s economy event during the early years of the 19th century. China ranked as the leading business country making...