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Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. These first settlements will have multiple problems, in fact, most of them died from famine, but it was not until 1610 when another group of settlers will settle in that area and improve life qualities, a planting system was introduced, which benefited inA large amount to the settlement, the cause was the great fertility of these lands. Thirty years later, the population of that area increased to 200,000 thanks to the planting of numerous crops, including the most demanded of the moment, tobacco. Tobacco will be one of the main crops in the United States for a century and a half. Developing In the northern America, a group of Puritans landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in...

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Chesapeake Bay. The river was named after the King of England by the colonists. The peninsula was positioned in a place where the colonists were able to see oncoming ships making the site secure from a watercourse assail. In the northwest corner, a piece of land connected the peninsula to the mainland. Woodlands on the mainland supplied natural amenities for the colony. Regrettably, for the colonists, the region neighboring the peninsula was contaminated swampland, and the water was salty from a combination of seawater in the river. Swampland and marshes made life hard. With frigid winters and scorching tropical summers, the weather of early Jamestown as compared to what the colonists were used to...

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