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Lear." Shakespeare Quarterly 6.3 (1955): 325-336. Sorokin, Pitirim Aleksandrovich. The ways and power of love. Vol. 6112. H. Regnery, 1967. Spink, Kathryn. The Miracle of Love: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Her Missionaries of Charity, and Her Co-Workers. HarperOne, 1981. Suggs, David N., and Andrew W. Miracle, eds. Culture, biology, and sexuality. Vol. 32. University of Georgia Press,...

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learned that Prince Hamlet stabbed and killed his father, Polonius, he travels all the way home to Denmark to avenge the death of his father on Prince Hamlet. Laertes plots to kill Hamlet to pay the price of killing his father, a death that triggered off the death of his sister Ophelia. According to Gottschalk, King Hamlet's spirits that prayed that the gods avenge on his wife, Queen Gertrude, the spirits surely executes the wish by letting her take the poison from the honey goblet that Claudius prepared to kill Prince Hamlet in case he won the fencing competition with Laertes (167). Hamlet and Melancholy Melancholy is a situation where one feels deep sadness resulting from the death of another...

Lear. The betrayal ultimately led to the death of Gloucester. He tells them that Gloucester knew and was involved in the plot of an impending French invasion that sought to reinstate Lear back to his throne. As a result of this, Gloucester is arrested, and his eyes gouged out by Regan and Cornwall. This inhuman act makes a servant furious and therefore attacks Cornwall who dies in the process. The servant meets his death at the hands of Regan. Gloucester later sets off into the wilderness to take his life. He unknowingly meets his son Edgar and tells him to take him to a cliff that he may jump to his death. Edgar fails to do so and later reveal that he was his son. According to Edgar’s narration...

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