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cerebrum. This is the largest part and is responsible for memory, emotional responses, speech, and other senses. It is further divided into lobes which have the temporal, parietal and occipital. The occipital and temporal lobes are located above the cerebellum with the occipital occupying the back side of the brain. The parietal is located above the occipital and on the upper side of the brain. At the front part is the frontal lobe. The Frontal lobe is responsible for short term memory duties with the parietal performing the long-term tasks like the integration of sensory information. The occipital and temporal lobes perform visual processing and decoding sensory information respectively. Above the...

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cerebrum and decrease in the flow of blood in the brain resulting to confusion Episodes of forgetting and confusion Congenital defects, trauma, ad After 6 hours of intervention by the nurse, the patient will demonstrate improved vital signs. Monitor the temperature Monitor intake and output Help the patient reduce coughing, crying, and vomiting After the 6 hours of the nurse intervention, the patient was able to show improvement in the vital signs. References Butcher, H. K., Bulechek, G. M., Dochterman, J. M. M., & Wagner, C. (2013). Nursing interventions classification (NIC). Elsevier Health Sciences. Chitty, K. K., & Black,...

cerebrum and the body. A few impacts work inconspicuously, through the introduction of various body frameworks to abundance measures of stress hormones (Krauss, 28). However the impacts are sufficiently particular to be measured after some time, so that neglected social needs take a real toll on well-being, disintegrating our supply routes, making hypertension, and notwithstanding undermining learning and memory. An absence of dear companions and a lack of more extensive social contact, for the most part, bring the enthusiastic uneasiness or pain known as depression. It starts with a consciousness of an inadequacy of relationships. It is arguable that negative effects of loneliness are felt by those...