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catalysis of ammonia A oxidation A for the production of hydroxylamine and water, thus leaving the second as in charge of oxidizing hydroxylamine to nitrite and release electrons in this process. On the other hand, in nitratation energy is obtained by generating nitrate and using the oxidorted nitrite enzyme. The reaction in which it intervenes is as follows: AOB bacteria (ammonia-oxidizing bacteria/ammonia oxidizing bacteria). This kind of bacteria are gram-negative, located within the Nitrobacteriaceae family, being recognized for their ability to oxidize ammonia, some examples are: nitrosomonas, nitroseospira and nitrosococcus. It is in this kind of bacteria that we resume the first 2...

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catalysis increases the rate of attaining equilibrium but it does not affect the position of the equilibrium. For shifting the equilibrium reaction to the right (that is to favor the formation of the desired ester) two strategies are usually deployed. Firstly, large amounts of alcohol may be added to shift the equilibrium towards right. Secondly, removing products (that is water or the desired ester) of the esterification reaction. The first process is usually deployed when the alcohol is relatively cheap. The process of shifting the equilibrium of the etherification reaction to the right (by using excess alcohol) is known as Fischer’s Esterification. Fischer’s Esterification is extensively used...

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