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violence, characterized by political, liberal and conservative parties. In addition to the participation of some armed groups that were sponsored by leaders of these two political parties. This time begins in the mid -40s and resurfaces in 1948 with the murder of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. In the 50s Colombia was immersed in a confrontation that faced the birds on the one hand, an armed group composed of peasants or the chulavitas, an armed group that had as a job to do secret police or horror agents at the service of the service. Groups associated with the conservative party and on the other hand, liberal guerrillas who had a base in much of the center of the country. Which led to the confrontation of...

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violence, and if not managed in advance the effect can be carried forward to the future life making a permanent disorder. According to Bekerian, English, Tesch and Harrington (2010), sleeping and eating disorders in most women occur due to the effect of violence they experienced in their earlier lives. These results may not be immediate but may erupt later in their life and without a definitive measure to reduce the impacts; it may become a long-lasting consequence. As per Howard, Trevellion, and Agnew-Davies (2010) mental health consequences of women abuse are the mostly not noticeable by anybody. Unless the victims confess of the violence they undergo, the impact cannot be easily detected until it...

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