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bluest eye: An analysis of covert racism. Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is a story about the sad effects of racial discrimination, or better known as covert racism set in post-depression America. It’s the story of Pecola, A young girl who grows up in a family deeply scarred by racial segregation. Her father, abandoned at a tender age and damaged by the actions of two white men, defiles her twice, making her pregnant but the baby dies. Her mother is lame and due to a lifetime of isolation welcomes constant of beatings from Pecola’s father as a way of proving that she is imperfect and unwanted. She feels alive when doing heavy work in a white household (Morrison,139). Pecola also...

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Bluest Eye” Unlike other books on the subject of racism that were published at the time of Toni Marrison, Marrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is exceptional because of the manner in which it addresses the persistent effects of racism, mainly self-hatred, instead of the most apparent problems of isolation. In this book, the black people are infatuated with the idea of what the white represents. Being that this book highlights the problems of racism and segregation, the main theme is superiority of the white people and the author employs a number of symbols to illustrate his point. One of these symbols used by Toni Marrison is the blue eyes. In the book, the characters are obsessed with the blue...