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Birthmark, he uses a narrator at the beginning of the story to present the character traits of Aylmer as an intellectual man who has made various discoveries in natural philosophy. Hawthorne also incorporates Aylmer’s thought in the story which enables readers to view him as an intellectual and analytical man as he considers removing the birthmark from his wife’s face. “Aylmer sat gazing at his wife with trouble in his countenance that grew stronger until he spoke.” (Hawthorne 5). His facial expression, while he was processing his thoughts, gives his wife the idea that he was seriously considering removing her birthmark. The use of dialogue between Aylmer and his wife, Georgiana, reveals...

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Birthmark” a good example of Dark Romanticism? Refer to specific details from the works as you respond. Thoreau wrote about being in tune with nature. Nature in itself is neutral and exhibits both sides of the spectrum. Thoreau had simple tastes that enabled him to live off the land and respect it at the same time. He wrote about the upside of nature by using imagination and emotion. His writing epitomized Bright Romanticism. He wrote about how nature made him feel. It is a true example of Bright Romanticism where literary descriptions look toward the positive aspects of nature. He practiced what he preached by living simply, without the amenities of city life. He wrote in the romantic sense...