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lyrics. The collection of sound is an essential part of music. The significance of brilliance at wordplay becomes richly clear in the rich language of classical lyrics. Songs are usually differently composed, and with no solid musical groundwork, there are many obstacles one requires to get over to conform to the tune to the lines. Most songs are great due to the perfect worked structure. The structure entails the introduction that is always instrumental or a section of the chorus. The stanza, chorus, and the bridge all make the structure of the music. Musicians do say that songs are structured by the chemistry of the rhythm, harmony, and the beats. Most beautifully constructed music just does not...

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lyrics that they did possess. They were also in good coordination, an aspect that provided the director with great ease to lead them into coming up with pieces that would be great entertainment to the audience. In the beginning, the singers began with a low tone, perhaps to set the mood of the concert, which would go hand in hand with the specific theme that was related to the event. They wanted the audience to be greatly oriented to the pieces that they were about to present and as well, be able to take part in it, through giving applause from time to time where it appeared that they were in great control of the concert. Towards the middle of the concert, the melody of the songs that were...