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doctor-patient relationship and satisfaction in the long run (Welker, 2008). We should document the services rendered soonest to prevent forgetting some things as omitted services affect reimbursement and hospital revenue. W hen reimbursement is affected, patients are affected and so do insurance agencies, and this may affect our credibility and reputation and maybe lose our patients. In essence, inaccurate or untimely charting and wrong reimbursement affect us negatively. How timely, accurate and complete charting affects billing Our medical centre seeks to promote and uphold high standards of holistic care culture to our patients so as promote our services and prevent harm to our patients....

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doctor and a pregnant woman who is going to meet her husband. An escaped convict, a banker, and a gambler later join them. As can be imagined, because the film involved a moving stagecoach, it was set in various location all of which constituted towards making the movie such a success. The coach begins its long journey at the RKO Encino Ranch. This acts as the stage where the coach picks up the first passengers. It then sets off for Dry Fork before proceeding to the Apache Wells. All these locations are specifically chosen because of their convenience and aesthetic value. This is because a proper setting plays a critical role in any film and may occasionally be considered just as crucial as a...

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doctor and a nurse arrived. Before I could enquire what had happened, the two emerged pulling Blanche. She was very resistant to their advances and in the midst of her resistance collapsed on the floor. On asking Stella what had happened, she told me that Blanche claimed to have been raped by her husband. Something she did not believe. However, it had lead to Blanche’s mental breakdown and must have therefore had some truth in it. When I pictured how she had been joyous just a few weeks ago, and compared it to the deplorable state she was in at the moment, I felt pity for her. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was outraged with Stanley and wanted to give him a few blows and kicks. I had to be...

doctor and other r health care providers that are in contact with him during the treatment period, if this information provided may be breached, the relationship between the patient and the physician may be in jeopardy. As a result of that, patients may lose trust and avoid sharing any further personal health information to his doctor. Confidentiality ensures that patient's information is not disclosed to anyone without his knowledge (Serour, 2006). Take for instance patients who suffer stigmatizing condition like reproductive, psychiatric and sexual health requires the information to be handled by the physician with utmost respect never to disclose the information to anyone. Confidentiality is...

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doctor but his interest was in the sea and English poetry. He drew his inspiration from those books. At the age of 24 years, he managed to attain the rank of full master that allowed him to be in a position to command a commercial vessel. In school he was just a below average student, but in the sea he was much better than even the officers who had been in the sea for so long (Helms, Koehn & Mead, 2003). He was self-confident and this made him to jump into ranks to the top positions. He managed to lead a number of expeditions after being appointed patron in the year 1912. He failed in the mission where he led men when they were in endurance expedition. Cedrick Long staff: -he was a young...



doctor even after noticing an improvement in the condition. Additionally, I would advise Tony to be bringing with him medication for every doctor visit for double checking whether he is taking right medication as well as right dosage (Senna, 2016). 6.After assessing Tony, the physician advises him that he needs to have a written action plan. This is the first time Tony and his mother have heard of an action plan. How would you explain an action plan to Tony and his mother? I would start by giving an explanation to Tony and his mother what a written action plan is all about and its importance in asthma management. A written action plan is a document that is developed by a nurse together with the...

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doctor-patient privilege in the course of the former’s discharge of duty. This means that the information shared is confidential and access to such records must only be limited to doctors directly involved in treating the patient. It’s unprofessional for a doctor to disclose a patient’s records to a third party. Laws are in place to protect a patient’s privacy. The Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has a confidentiality decree which sets down principles to safeguard patients’ medical data and individual health information including psychiatric information. This paper seeks to review the application of confidentiality and privacy laws for instance, who does it bind? It will...