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gun control


Baptist church shooting 2017. The shots were carried out by young people with high caliber guns. The incidences indicate that something is wrong with our gun laws and need a remedy. In a recent study done, more adult white men own guns compared to women and blacks. The principal reason for holding a gun is for protection and hunting. However, some people are restricted from owning a gun, for instance, mentally challenged, illegal alien and drug abuser. They cannot hold a weapon due to the dangers associated with possessing a firearm like accidental shooting and suicide. The main reason why there are many mass shooting is lack of comprehensive laws to regulate ownership and use of guns. It is not...

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Baptist Church on 4th December 2016 from 7 pm to 9 pm. The main performers for the event were Norman Singers and they performed a number of Christmas carols. These were namely; We need a little Christmas by Jerry Herman, Caroling Caroling by Wihla Hutson, O magnum mysterium by Morten Lauridsen, Candlelight Carol by John Rutter and Peace Peace by Rick and Sylvia Powell. The paper shall provide a review of the concert with the aim of showing the actions that were taken by presenters to attract the attention of the audience and as well, to send across the messages that were contained in the songs clearly. The group was made up of various musicians who played part in making the concert a great success....

Baptist Church. The concert was held on 4th December 2016. It featured Christmas chorals by Norman Singers. The orchestra was made up of various people who were in charge of different instruments. Rebecca Mosloff was in charge of Violin I. Becky Green handled violin II. Donna Cain was in played the viola. The cello was played by Jean Statham while Evan Pettit played the Bass. The oboe was played by KaDee Bramlett. The trumpet was played by Tyler Chargualaf while Susan Babcock was in charge of the piano and organ. The paper will aim to provide further analysis of the concert to show the general effect that it did have upon the audience. The concert involved a number of presentations some of which...