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Aviation Safety Authority provides regulations and the standard code of practice that guides air transport providers in the handling and packaging of special cargo. In this paper, I will discuss the handling, code regulations, and aircraft considerations for human remains (blood samples), oxidizing substances, and corrosive goods. Human Remains (Blood Samples) Biological samples are described to be dangerous if they infectious pathogens that may attack humans or animals. Biological specimens are classified as stated in the UN’s air transport regulation manual. When transporting biological specimens, one should first identify the UN class corresponding to the specimen. The specimen is then...

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aviation safety. Additionally, according to the officials of ICAO, FAA, and other safety experts, voluntary reporting is perceived to be a cornerstone of SMS. This is in line with the fact that ICAO has noted that operational personnel in the best position to report the presence of safety hazards and to attest to what works and does not work during the everyday operations. According to Stark, local carriers have enhanced into the preparation flyers in trainer airplane, this can be attributed to an effort by the local carriers group. However, finances remain the vital factor. Moreover, the FAA is moving forward with stronger safety standards that are founded on regulations to reduce pilot fatigue,...

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Aviation Safety, highlighted factors of accidents in the industry, safety programs, role of stakeholders in providing protection and a reflection on accident trends and rates. Air transport is becoming popular amongst transport industries. People prefer the means of transport because it is fast and efficient. For in 2012 alone about 2.9 billion clients used air conveyor. According to ICAO 2013, the figure is a 5.5% increase for commercial passenger’s flights when compared to 2011 records. However, the safety of the transport of airplanes has been a concern. Aviation industry has employed technologies, which consist of complex systems to control accidents issues and improve the security in these...

aviation safety, it may be more difficult to detect the mistakes or errors of ATM (aviation maintenance technician). In many cases, these errors exist but invisible and have the potential of remaining hidden, ending up affecting safe aircraft operations for a longer period (Hobbs, 2008). Aviation maintenance technicians are often faced with some human factors that are unique within the aviation industry. Normally they work in the morning hours or late in the evening, in confined platforms or spaces that have a variety of adverse conditions like very low temperatures. The work carried out by aviation maintenance technicians can also be physically strenuous and also needs attention to detail. As a...