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Audience analysis: My audience is made of three college graduates who wait to join theuniversity to pursue a course in communications. They are one female and two males. Topic: News reporting enhances ministry for God by promoting God’s valuefor peace, justice, and liberation for the wrongly oppressed via speech. General Purpose: To enlighten Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on how as a reporter one can uphold the values of peace, justice, and liberation that God cherishes according to the Bible (2 Cor. 13:11; Prov. 21:3; Ps. 82:3-4) Introduction: Attention-getter According to statistics, students are likely to keep enrolling to study this course due to its numerous...

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audience analysis of the variety of the characteristics of the audience members that are closely associated with the campaign health issue will help the campaign designers gain a better understanding of how it influences them. Therefore, the campaign needs accurate as well as precise measurements of how the audience views or feels when using tap water. The strategy to be employed is to generate questionnaires with simple questions such as Do you drink tap water or prefer bottled water? Do you use a reusable water bottle? Do you know the health benefits of drinking tap water? Do you think bottled water is safer than tap water? It has proved to be an impossible task to disseminate questionnaires to the...

audience analysis aids in the process of arranging speech material. To turn ideas into a well-organized outline development of the body comes first followed by an introduction and lastly conclusion. The speech’s body is ready for planning once the specific and general objectives are identified. This is done by identification and arrangement of the main points, crafting them into a well-phrased thesis statement and development of each point with the relevant supporting material. Identification of the speech primary points begins by identifying about four main points that help in achieving the speech goals. Listing the ideas that relate to the specific goals comes first followed by eliminating ideas...