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assonance, “fell down on my knees, Asked the Lord above "Have mercy, now” in the 4th and 5th lines that help in stressing the message of the song (Robert 1). The element of imagery in the song like crossroads, knees, and darkness show the happening at the crossroads and the helplessness as he pleads for mercy. Darkness shows death and the Devil’s time of operation. So the song is a bit scary as the choice of words that the lyricist uses. It shows that the singer is very lonely even the passersby of friends cannot help him. Crossroads is a simple and direct song with a deep meaning. He used the guitar to form a complete sound and passing out the mood of the song. The mood of the song is a lonely...

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assonance to clearly capture the discrimination that black people face just because of their different color. Sound patterns are well manifested in the poem through the use of Rhyme, alliteration, and assonance. The author has effectively used these patterns to make the words stick in the audience’s mind and therefore understand better the subject being communicated. Rhyme can be clearly identified in the second stanza when the speaker says that he could wake up in the morning without warning. The words “morning” and “warning” rhyme. He also says that it all depends on “the skin you live in.” In this case, the words “skin” and “in” are rhyming words. In the third stanza,...