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art therapy" art ".This therapy is not only reflected in paintings, but also in sculptures, dances, song, music, among others. Many times in the sculptures, paintings or collages was created or represented the truth of the individual subconsciously develops a thought of the desired or torture, it represents it in their activities / of these of the majority are subordinated of doctrines and ideologies that become rationalizations thoughtsclosed. Not only does errors of reason are known but paradigmatic blindness, normalization, noology (possession), because art is a way of expressing their feelings, misfortunes / beliefs. Many times these errors are shown in the individual but do not...

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Art Therapy may improve Social Interaction in the Ages of Children from 3-6 with Autism Student’s Name Institution Course Instructor’s Name Date Art Therapy may improve Social Interaction in the Ages of Children from 3-6 with Autism Research Methodology The research methodology applied in this study was the case study. The researcher used case studies of many children aged between three and five years. The case studies involved the description of the birth, communication, and development histories of the children. Specifically, the researcher identified whether there were any problems or complications when the children were being delivered, how the child developed speech and...

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art therapy, family structures therapy or clinical hypnosis. Because the foundation of dissociative identity disorder is not biochemical in form, medication cannot be used for its treatment. Nevertheless, if a client with the disorder also undergoes anxiety or depression, they could enjoy from a psychopharmacologic methodology to those conditions (Itzkowitz et al., 2015). Conclusion The dissociative identity disorder entails the existence of two or more unique and unconnected personalities within a person. Some of the symptoms of the disorder include the voices or hallucinations, alteration in handwriting, and depression or mood swings. It is caused by traumatic occasions, overwhelming...