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Apples and Oranges and Olives-Oh My-Fellers, the Sixth Amendment, and the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine." Brook. L. Rev. 71 (2005):...

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Food Intake


oranges. Foods that provided carbohydrates were oatmeal (cooked with water), chicken salads, banana, baked potatoes and oranges. Foods that provided fats were oatmeal (cooked with water), turkey slices, chicken salads, chicken breasts and banana, baked potatoes and oranges Review the PDF document I have attached recorded protein, carbohydrate, and lipid intake compares with the recommendations of the dietary reference intake. If your recorded protein-carbohydrate-fat intake was too high or too low, which foods might be you add or remove to achieve your goal and keep other nutrients in the balance? Although the dietary intake of protein was appropriate, the dietary intake of carbohydrates and fats...