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antitrust laws. PRIVATE "<INPUT VALUE="2" NAME="mc-ans-_57842778_1" TYPE="radio">" MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect subject to continuing review by the appropriate federal agency. PRIVATE "<INPUT VALUE="3" NAME="mc-ans-_57842778_1" TYPE="radio">" MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect subject to the Rule of Reason. 0.5 points   Question 25 Which of the following is a true statement? PRIVATE "<INPUT VALUE="0" NAME="mc-ans-_57842779_1" TYPE="radio">" MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect A. The “police power” of a state does not give the state any general authority to regulate business. PRIVATE "<INPUT VALUE="1" NAME="mc-ans-_57842779_1" TYPE="radio">" MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect B. Garbage...

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