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speech.Purpose: To establish the implication of Obama’s victory speech and how it impacted not only to the American citizens, but also the world in general. Speaker’s background knowledge: Obama had served as a senator before his election as the president on the democratic ticket and hence he was well accustomed with the challenges that Americans were going through. Influences (traditional, cultural, and historical): There existed historical influences in the voting patterns where black Americans mainly supported the Democratic candidate and the Native Americans were for the Republicans.Listener’s background knowledge: The audience knows that most of the presidents once elected are overwhelmed...

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speech at the Ambassador Hotel. After his victory speech on June 4, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy is shot dead while at the kitchen of Ambassador Hotel. Hopes that people had for better America becomes a nightmare. All people working in the Ambassador Hotel have their lives completely changed. Mass demonstration and protests dominate the country. Among the people who are shot, only Robert F. Kennedy died while the others survived. Therefore, Mr. Estevez uses the film to give the history of the Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination after he won the democratic presidential primary and minutes after his victory speech. In the film, different characters play different roles to represent the history. Anthony...