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youth programs without minding the number of resources used. In fact, the marketing expenses have been rising from $108.9 million in 2009 to $418.8 million in 2015 including the endorsement of players ( Thompson 2018). As a result of the strategic marketing, the demand for under armor's products continues to grow despite the steep competition. PESTEL analysis Political: each country has a set of policies that govern it. As a global enterprise, under armor is affected by these policies. For instance, the FDI policies in some countries prohibit full ownership of retail store thereby posing a threat to internationalization. Furthermore, the international tax competitive system is a political threat...

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youth. Graham C.L Davey explains that ever since social media became a favorite tool for networking, the youth consider it a platform for building friendships and also provides a way of quantifying the number of friends that on has. Those who have few virtual friends find themselves “unsuccessful”, and they are likely to experience anxiety, loneliness, and paranoia. Easy access to information on social events provides the youth with a platform on which to gauge their popularity about their peers. When one feels that they are left out, they start to feel lonely and alienated from their peers. The article also explains that social media sites contribute to addiction, which causes distress to youth...