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aluminium, calcium, iron or magnesium as they decrease the consumption of ibandronate. The ibandronate is not healthy for the pregnant women. The Ibandronate should be used during pregnancy only if the doctor feels that its potential benefit warrants the potential danger to the fetus. Therefore, it cannot be healthy for pregnant women. Introduction The Ibandronate is an intravenous and an orally taken drug which is meant for treatment of osteoporosis. Upon the classification of drugs, it belongs to bisphosphonate class which is composed of tiludronate (Skelid), etidronate (Didronel), risedronate (Actonel) as well as pamidronate (Aredia). How the Ibandronate works Bone is always in a continuous...

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aluminium or steel in a period of 365 days (IATA, 2010). According to the IATA recommendations, corrosive cargo may be transported in a public aeroplane but they are packed away from aluminium or steel. Conclusion As discussed above, dangerous goods require special handling and aircraft considerations to ensure safety for passengers abroad and the environment at large. I have highlighted the standard requirements for packaging, labelling, documenting, and aircraft considerations for human remains, corrosive substances, and oxidizing materials. Indeed, IATA's regulations, UN Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods, and technical instructions provided by ICAO have provided a standard...

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