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This essay example may help students who have faced writing papers about the works by Alice Walker. She is a famous American novelist and social activist. Her career has started with writing poems while she was still a student in East Africa, and it continued during work and education in the USA.

Nowadays, she has many honors and rewards for all the social and public jobs. For this reason, students at college may be asked to prepare assignments for free topics or about the exact Alice Walker essay. For instance, the ‘Color Purple’ is one of the most impressive pieces by this novelist. It is dedicated to difficult aspects of African-American women in the 1930s. She is living in the Southern United States and wants to find her way in life. So get your help with essays on Alice Walker topics!

Alice Walker describes the lives of three women, two sisters and their mother. The plot concentrates on a visit from Dee, one of the sisters, who brings a suitor home. The reactions of the other sister, Maggie, and the mother reveal the kind of relationships between siblings, their parent, and other people in general. The readers discover some characteristics about the nature of relationships. The first one being that they form as a source of satisfaction and acceptance. Culture affects the forms and strengths of relationships between different people. Stereotyping occurs almost instantly in the process of bonding. Lastly, romantic relationships arise as a result of cohesion in terms of the...

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Alice Walker is one of the extraordinary writers, born in Eatonton, Georgia in the United States of America. She worked as a Lecturer, social worker, and a teacher before becoming a distinguished international writer of the 20th century. Walker excelled in poems, essays, stories, and novel writing. She was also a robust and candid activist on a range of issues. In Georgia, Alice Walker participated in Civil rights movement by encouraging the poor people in rural areas to register as voters. She went to Mississippi where she initiated voter registration as well. While in Mississippi, Alice Walker married a Jewish man called Mel Leventhal who was working in a movement of civil rights in Mississippi....