Active Euthanasia Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

Active euthanasia involves the injection of lethal doses of drugs that would cause death to the patient (Gamliel, 2012). The patient can decide to perform the cation by themselves, or it can be done with the assistance of a health professional (Healey, 2013). Euthanasia presents ethical dilemmas to the health professionals, justice departments, and law enforcement around the world. It is still a topic that is under intense debate in various countries around the world especially in countries with a strong influence of religion. Analysis of the Issue Healthcare professionals are bound to the Hippocratic oath that prevents them harming patients. Euthanasia is observed commonly observed as assisted...

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active euthanasia is ethically accepted, just as passively allowing the victim to die. Consequently, a person ought to ensure their actions limit foreseen losses while mitigating known losses. How would we act differently if we were to become intuitionists? Intuitionism implores people to act ethically and evaluate their actions before committing the actions. The concept challenges individuals against consequentially taking decisions and using their results to evaluate and justify their actions, either wrong or right. However, the overlying factor in acting differently lies in trying to maximize ethical good from a person’s actions. Perceptively, by becoming intuitionists persons are likely to...