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In past years professors and administrations of educational establishments keep talking about academic dishonesty in writing papers. According to statistics, more than half of students admit they cheat time after time. Individuals are faced with numerous threats and judgments for different reasons, but no one still can say what is wrong with their decisions.

As a result, an academic dishonesty essay becomes a very popular task for students of different grades. Individuals define this statement in different manners, so there is no one attitude to such a fact. That’s why they require help with such an assignment and reading several good samples on academic dishonesty. You are welcomed to get professional support now by reading relevant examples or asking for additional help.

academic dishonesty; including but not limited to cases of plagiarism. The University issues that any students caught with the charge of plagiarism will receive a fail in the assignment or fail in the course as will be judged by the instructor. Also, the school keeps a written warning in the student's academic file since a second warning might amount to one's expulsion. References An issue of Congressional Digest. March 1, 2012. "Hydraulic Fracturing Overview: Growing of the Process and safe drinking water...

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academic dishonesty only amount to unfair academic advantage at the expense of the student. The following case offers a comprehensive analysis of an ethical dilemma that Ms. Pelton had to undergo after prompting her students to remain truthful to their works. It answers the questions on the case study which illuminate the importance of ensuring that institutions have relevant guidelines to ensure that their students produce their original works and hence preserve academic integrity. Case 1.10: The Little teacher Who Could: Piper, Kansas, and Term Papers Ms. Pelton’s students were aware of the repercussions of failing to adhere to the instructions that their teacher gave. While the school did...