Wonder, August’S Lesson: Great Reasons To Read It

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Wonder, August’s lesson: great reasons to read it


Once we finish Wonder, Augusto’s lesson is impossible to stop thinking and turn what we just read. Reading Wonder is like undertaking a wonderful emotions trip. It is a book capable of leaving a reader of any kind meditating and feeling better.


August is ten years old, but he hasn’t gone to school as the other children. He was born with a genetic anomaly and for that reason he had to operate twenty -seven times. Your face does not seem normal. When the time comes to go to school, he knows that he has to face the world outside the comfort zone of his house and his delivered family.

With his ten years Augusto likes to do the normal things that other ten -year -old children do. He likes ice cream and riding a bicycle. Play the ball and have an Xbox, but despite all its operations, it will never look normal. Things are difficult for August and his family too. He has a very protective older sister, via, who gets angry when people stare at him and when his parents show that they want August. You can’t help discussing and comment on whether August should go to school.

My name is August. I will not describe how I am. Whatever you are thinking, it’s probably worse. When August starts at school he is very nervous. Not only for the same reasons as any other child of his new class, he is also because he cannot walk down the hall without the world looking at or demonstrating his cruelty with him.

It is a really bold book, it is fun and hook. Probably, if someone tells us what the book is going before starting to read it, it may seem unattractive, a book with a difficult topic that does not feel about addressing. But it turns out that the way it is written, with great charm and warmth even in the hardest and most sad parts, makes it essential. Yes, August is someone with a strange, little known syndrome, whom we take love in a few pages. The sadness that the book lets feel compensated with the sense of goodness and love that causes with his characters and his stories. Fundamental is his way of making appreciation for the good things around us, who are there.

Wonder seems written above all for children’s audience, but in reality it is aimed at all audiences, it is a crossover without just pretending to be. The book is enjoyable, it is fun to read despite the hardest moments in which we get excited. The most important thing is that at no time loses its delicious sense of humor in a story as unique as normal at the same time;Just this is what makes it more peculiar if possible. It has four hundred pages, but it is structured in short chapters and its reading is simple.

It can be read and enjoyed by children from nine or ten years and also by adolescents and even adults. R.J. Palacios manages to draw very credible children, their comments are real, their jokes and fights too, it is all we see in any kind of primary among children of that age. In Wonder we find several narrators. His companions Summer or Jack, his sister Olivia, etc. Thus it is easier to see the way in which those around August understand that he is only a normal child.

The part of the story told by his sister, via (Olivia) is especially attracted to attention. He is able to capture how a teenager fights internally between the love he feels for his brother and the way he lives, day by day, that he does not pay so attention to her. Adults also have great things to think about after reading Wonder, for example, how much and where you have to protect children, how to control that need to save them from everything bad, as well as the importance of letting them fly and livethings for themselves.


With the different narrative voices in the first person we can identify and feel empathy with all those who participate in history. Wonder promotes values such as friendship, self – esteem, respect, generosity or team spirit in a sincere way that forgets conventions. The theme of bullying is something real today and it is important to have books like this that they know how to treat and make think. Finally, we are left with August’s reflection at the end of the book, as significant as simple: everyone should receive an ovation from the public standing at least once in their life, because we all expire the world.  

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