Women’S Role And Rights During The War

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Women’s role and rights during the war

During the war the role of many women was limited to being mothers, wives, daughters or sisters who waved at home following their routine tasks and taking care of other relatives or children, while the men of the house went to the front.

But not all women fulfilled this role since, in turn, there was an emancipation by women, although always having to fight with the thinking of society and governments against this due to their conservative thoughts About the role of women in wars. Women who were volunteers participated in these groups.

At the beginning his role outside the home was an auxiliary role. In fact, nurse’s occupation was the second most popular during World War II. We can find several cases of women’s auxiliary groups to help during the war, such as the Women’s Army Corps a women’s army body in the United States. The military who fought rarely rejected any type of help, and the one offered by women was no less. However, this was changing with the passage of the war that left less men in the rear for the large number of casualties. The volunteers learned combat techniques, to shoot, know what is necessary for medical assistance, to launch grenades or to participate in intelligence techniques. In the Soviet Union, for example, there were training courses called Vsevobuch (Universal Military Training), which was mandatory for men, and many women signed up to them voluntarily.

The female workforce in the factories was fundamental, since many saw in these works a great opportunity to train and also a source of income at a difficult time. And the job offer in this field since it was the way to get everything necessary to supply the different sides during the contest. It was also very common during World War II to see firefighters composed of women in their entirety.

The female imprisonment during the war was often worse than that of the man, especially by the Nazis in the early years of the struggle, since many were shot as soon as they were captured. The anti -fascist countries used to use women prey as labor in weapons production factories

The thoroughness and precision of women made them very useful in aviation. Apart from carrying the airplanes and fixing the parachutes, they were in charge of some works within the repair of the airplanes. There were auxiliary groups of women dedicated only to this area such as the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) of the Royal British Air Force. The Soviet Union became the country with more military pilots throughout World War II, in fact against the Nazis they fought Soviet air groups formed only and exclusively by women. It is in these attacks where the witches of the night highlighted, as the Germans called them, and that they were the 588 Night Bombard.

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