Women’S Ablation Or Mutilation: Another Type Of Gender Violence

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Women’s ablation or mutilation: Another type of gender violence

 One of the reasons that have made me choose this issue in a special way is because according to UNICEF reports, more than 200 million girls and women in the world have currently undergoing these wild practices, female ablation. Women’s genital mutilation can be defined as the total or partial removal of women’s external or partial cutting, all for cultural or other reasons, these practices are not for medical reasons.

Normally girls under 14 years are practiced and in some cases when they are babies, with minimal medical safety conditions and presents different modalities. Reports stress that, from here to 2030, 68 million women and girls will be subjected to this brutal practice, this other form of gender violence being.

This practice is classified mainly:

  • First, it is the least radical consists of the total or partial and partial removal of the clitoris glans, as well as the foreskin of the clitoris, called the Sunna constituency.
  • Second: amputation or removal of the Glande of Colitis, the minor lips will also be cut, with or without amputation of the major lips.
  • Third: called infibulation or pharaonic circumcision, this practice consists of, narrowing or sealing of the vaginal opening, cutting and complying with the major or minor lips, sometimes they reach the same sew the same.
  • Fourth: In this part all other harmful practices of female genitals, without medical purposes, such as can be; Puncture, drill, scraping, cutterization or cauterization of the female genital area.


It is usually done by an advanced woman, being a family member or not. The most common is that this woman does not take any hygiene measure or to mitigate pain. This practice is usually done with very rudimentary means such as broken crystals, scissors, razors etc., being able to put at serious risk the life or health of women caused by these customs. When these women reach an age, to facilitate the intercourse and child .

The justification on this practice according to each region or time has one reason or another:

  • If it is a social norm or not, becoming socially accepted if it is practiced or repudiated, or for fear of rejection of the community, in many communities or this practice is questioned.
  • Female genital mutilation in many tribes is considered essential to include it later in adult life as well as preparing it for marriage.
  • Beliefs that will be easier to find husband.
  • Conviction that has religious support. There are no written rule with this belief.
  • The power of religious leaders, adopting these different positions, being for some indisputable, for other irrelevant for their religion and another part supporting their elimination.
  • In other cases it encompasses acceptable sexual behavior, has its purpose to ensure that women are a virgin to marriage and that she will be faithful for life for her husband. There are also beliefs that decrease the temptation and sexual libido of women, in addition it is supposed that if infibulation has been practiced, she will be afraid of the pain that she can submit to having sexual extra -communication relations.
  • In some of these societies, they are emulated by other traditions of neighboring groups, or by the resurgence of religious or traditional groups.
  • In most societies they defend it as a cultural tradition, using it as reasoning for the monitoring of this practice.
  • Gender identity brand in the body of women, associated this practice for the girl to be more beautiful, pure and healthy when these impure or non -feminine areas of the woman’s body are eliminated.


All local authorities, religious, community leaders, as well as doctors are informed of the problem of this practice and the consequences of mimas, being able to defend with guarantee the abandonment of this brutal practice.

Do you have any type of health benefit?

It does not have any type of health benefit of women or girls, since it affects them physically and psychologically, cutting healthy tissues and producing irreparable injuries, leading to:

  • Deep pain.
  • Serious hemorrhages.
  • Urinary problems.
  • Death of women.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Intense infections, such as tetanus.
  • Febrile states.
  • Genital swelling.
  • Long -term consequences:
  • Serious urinary infections.
  • Problem in menstruation.
  • Risks in childbirth.
  • Mental alterations.
  • Have to go through other surgical interventions.
  • Problems having sex.
  • Vaginal complications.


According to Studies by UNICEF, very different countries are exercising such as can be: Egypt, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Chad, Yibuti etc.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights collects in your articles that:


“Considering that the United Nations peoples have reaffirmed their faith in the fundamental rights of man, in the dignity and value of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women, and have declared themselves resolved to Promote social progress and raise the standard of living within a broader concept of freedom ”

Article 2.

“Everyone has all the rights and freedoms proclaimed in this statement, without any distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or of any other nature, national or social origin, economic position, birth or any other condition. In addition, there will be no distinction based on the political, legal or international condition of the country or territory whose jurisdiction depends on a person, whether it is an independent country, as well as a territory under fiduciary administration, not autonomous or subject to any Another limitation of sovereignty "

Article 147

“The one that, by any means or procedure, will cause another injury that impair its body integrity or its physical or mental health, will be punished, as a prisoner of the crime of injuries with the prison penalty from three months to three years or a fine of a fine of Six to twelve months, provided that the injury objectively requires for your health, in addition to a first optional assistance, medical or surgical treatment. Simple surveillance or optional monitoring of the course of the lesion will not be considered medical treatment ”.

And so we could continue citing innumerable articles, laws, women’s human rights statements.


In my opinion this practice would have to eradicate, because it is not beneficial in any way for women, on the contrary, it can leave very serious physical and psychological sequelae. since at the time in which we live and with the advances we are getting little by little with equality between men and women, that women are still punished for the simple fact of being, which attends to the principle of discrimination by reason sex, since it only applies to women, by beliefs or religions.

Free Women’S Ablation Or Mutilation: Another Type Of Gender Violence Essay Sample

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