Women Are A Sexual Object, The Question Of The Decade

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Women are a sexual object, the question of the decade

Discrimination towards women has been reflected throughout history in each and every cultures. If we look at the past, a few hundred years ago, the woman did not have the rights that she currently has. The woman could not vote before and was forced to do everything her partner ordered her. It was so much that it was said that she/s belonged to him;As if she were some kind of object. It was believed that women only served to cook, cook, care for children and mostly be housewives. While the men were the ones who worked and did everything that the woman "was not able to do". In recent years, women have proven not to be inferior to man and rather be their equal. The only barriers that separate them are social and cultural ideals.

Returning to the previous point, in the past, the woman was seen as an object of possession, she was a slave on a small canvas, trapped in a picture while waiting for the best bidder. Even today, there are adult and girls women who are sold by their relatives to people whose intentions are never good. Many of these women end up being abused physically and sexually in a society that loves to remain silent. They are approximately 130.000 minors who are sold throughout the world for economic reasons, to marry and others. Many of these cases are completed by the relatives of the young women, who sell them to marry older adults for the benefit of their pockets.

One of the best examples for the development of this idea is Greek mythology and its gods. With the passage of time, Greek mythology has taught us and many ancient generations, many pillars, ethics, teachings and morals, but has also shown us and even taught the treatment that has been given to women. The goddesses, nymphs and mortals are well known in this mythology for belonging to some God, Titan, for being involved in some insest or mostly for having sexually had, one or another relationship with the so worldwide known Zeus. Zeus is not more or less than the father of the gods and man, he governs the gods of Olympus and has them all under the margin of the law that he imposes, these laws are sometimes unfair (almost always) because they are punishmentsEternal, very painful, monotonous and/or do not lead anywhere, in addition to being eternal.

Zeus’s relationships are recognized because each and every one of them has to end up embranage the woman with whom she has had it. All the relationships that Zeus has had with women and young people end in pregnancy. It can even be said that this pregnancy is mandatory in all cases. It is a totally offensive issue since it is one more contribution to machismo and goes against female rights. This contributes to how women only exist to create life and take it nine months or more but are women really only a sexual object?

In many of the cases of pregnancy, the father figure is absent and does not respond for the creation that these acts entail. At present, many children are causes of sometimes irresponsible relationships or of those who do not assume responsibility. For example, Zeus in none of the cases is responsible for what these abuses took. It is unheard of mythology to teach us that women are created to give a pleasure and pleasure to a man, or that they reflect it as a lower figure. And yes, many of these abuses are committed by force and without female awareness. Worst of all, as Zeus had power over all things, there was no one who could stop him and defend his victims. And even if there were, Zeus would have done his best to condemn him to eternal suffering.

An interesting point, is the morbidity that is made towards the female figure. Although it is almost equal to that of a man, it is represented as sensual and provocative, but is the human population that both sexes have almost the same attributes? Both sexes have the same amount of eyes, ears, fingers, limbs, nipples, we both have a torso, lungs and organs, the only thing that really differentiates us are reproductive devices. These have always been seen as vulgar and of great discretion, but a person who really respects him sees him only attractive? Relationships in society are inevitable, but the character that is given and the way in which it is assumed is unheard of.

Next I will give examples of situations that helped foster machismo by mythology. Pandora, being the first human woman (before there were only men) is with whom Zeus becomes mischievous for the past actions of Prometheus for having given mortals the fire. Zeus in an amphorae kept evils for humanity and Pandora, forced to open them, unleashed the evils on the earth. After this, Pandora is assumed as the culprit of all those evils. After several generations and relationships between the gods, 6 men and 6 goddesses women were born. After seeing that this was the same, Zeus decided to replace Hestia, protector of the sacred fire, by Dionysus, god of wine and debauchery. It is clear that Zeus was misogynist and did not think reasonably to replace a woman with an alcoholic just to have 5 women and 7 men left. Medusa, before being the frightful creature with snakes replacing her hair, used to be a very beautiful human. The beauty of this woman attracted the god of the sea, Poseidon, which later abused her SexualMenet. The meeting occurred in the temple of Athena and she full of rage, decided to punish the victim and make her the well -known jellyfish. Not only do women blame women for Zeus decisions against others, but they teach us to be more critical about these punishments and see the fault that these women have for the evils of the world.

No less important, the fact that Greek women are mostly naked, is another way of demonstrating that there is no respect for them. Even in the most qualified institutions and the best qualities, they teach that in some way, the Greek figure is morbid and sensual. There is even a goddess (and had to feminine) that demonstrates the importance of sex and beauty. This is simply sexist and absurd. Why couldn’t be a man instead of a woman? Even being world history, these women are captivating the male eye and their bodies discovered are happy.

To be clear, women are victims of abuse and abuse in day to day, culture has taught us in many ways that the female figure is the culprit of the evils of the world and that is not trusted. Greek mythology brings many stories that have not demonstrated otherwise, but rather support and justify it. Greek mythology somehow makes us believe in we can also analyze the abuse of power and how this can affect us in everyday life.   

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